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H3Mod is a tool to modify images in firmware files for the H300 (since 2.0 also H1xx, and with the newest patch, the decoded BL_H10.ROM file for the H10 series) series of iriver products. It comes with a set of predefined bookmarks, but also allows to search for yet unlisted images and change these, too. It is also possible to search and modify images in any other binary file, as long as the pictures are not bigger than 220x176. (H3Mod website )

H3Mod Supports the following iRiver products:

  • all H300 firmware from 1.06K/1.02US to current.
  • most H1xx firmware 1.40 to 1.65
  • H10 is now supported


  • Works with any firmware version, now or future, as long as the images themselves are

not changed.

  • Support for H3xx and H1xx firmware, as well as the decoded BL_h10.ROM file for the H10
  • Currently 234 predefined images, 15 fonts and 232 strings for H3xx firmware, and 135

images, 11 fonts for H1xx firmware

  • On-the-fly decryption and encryption
  • Automatic detection of firmware version
  • Support for 1-bit, 2-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit and 16-bit images
  • Support for GIF, PNG and BMP files
  • Possibility to replace fonts by any True Type font on your system
  • Possibility to replace strings for localising the user interface
  • Possibility to export and import fonts for manual changes
  • Compressed packs for distributing skins
  • Data verification after every change to avoid corrupted firmware (but still: use with

care! This is no guarantee for safety)

  • Skin support to replace all known pictures in one go
  • Preview function to check skins before upgrading (customisable)
  • Extensive support for searching and bookmarking new images
  • Keyboard-driven interface for maximum efficiency
  • All dialog settings are remembered, even after closing the program

What H3Mod can't do[]

  • Change the size or number of colours of a picture
  • Use videos or animated GIFs
  • Change the colour or background colour of fonts. Absolutely definitely not. Don't even

think of asking me or mistic.

  • Restore the settings (tuner region, language, EQ etc) of the firmware. After an

upgrade. it will always have the default settings.

  • Change anything else, like supported video types, features...
  • Change firmware of other iriver players. PMP looks vaguely doable, but requires


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