How to Upgrade Firmware[]

All downloads are in .zip form. To properly upgrade the firmware, unzip the .zip file and either place the included .hex file in the player's root, or run the .exe program to create the .hex file, which can then be transferred to the player's root and upgraded. To upgrade the firmware, disconnect the unit from the computer and wait for the player to load. It is advised that the player only be upgraded when there is significant charge and the unit is connected to the adapter. Go into the menu, and select "Firmware Upgrade." Wait until the player turns off, then boot it, and your new firmware is installed.

H100/H110 Firmware Downloads[]

  • [ v1.10 JP]
  • [ v1.40 JP]

H120/H140 Firmware Downloads[]


EU European Version

JP Japanese Version

KR Korean Version

US US Version


Only upgrade your player with compatible firmware versions. Doing otherwise could result in a non-functioning player.

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