Latest MTP Firmware: Version 2.10, August 29, 2005

Latest UMS Firmware: Version 2.05, June 8, 2005

Converting Firmware: MTP from to UMS and vice versa: Here

H10 MTP Firmware V2.10 (5/6GB ONLY)[]

New features[]

  • Interval Repeat (A-B)
    • You can set A and B interval by pressing power button during playback.

  • File sort by alphabetic
    • Files are displayed by alphabetic on TEXT and PHOTO mode.
  • Indication of current playing song in the browser
    • A red arrow is marked in front of the song title.

  • Remembering previously seletected menu.
    • It goes back to the previously selected menu/song.
  • Scroll speed control on touch scroll
    • Scrolling speed can be accelerated by holding touch scroll for 3~4 secs on browser(MUSIC/BROWSER).
  • On-the-fly Recorded file deletion
  • On 'BROWSER', select a file to delete and hold 'Select' button.
  • Files under AUDIO/TUNER/VOICE folder only can be deleted and files under sub folder can't be deleted.

Improved Features[]

  • It doesn't play files under AUDIO/TUNER/VOICE when playing music on BROWSER mode.

Recorded files can be played in the folder only.

  • The accessing time for 'BROWSER' has been improved.
  • Displays "Shutting down" whenever it powers off.
  • It renames existing file before starting to record when there's a file which has the same file name.
  • The icon for wating is changed to sandglass.

  • It displays "Starting Photoslide" when it starts slide show on PHOTO mode.

  • The maximum number of files on TEXT and PHOTO mode is increased as below:

TEXT : 100 -> 600 files for each folder PHOTO : 400 -> 600 files for each folder

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed to add songs to the Quicklist on Quicklist playback.
  • Fixed the issue of not scrolling up on certain Text files.
  • Fixed to display Artist and Title information completely without having a break
  • Fixed to display images which are smaller than LCD size(128X128) correctly.
  • Fixed the issue of backlight itself turns on and off.
  • Fixed the issue of backlight timer is set to 5 sec, when switching HOLD ON and OFF, backlight turned off after 10 sec.
  • Fixed the issue of incorrect screen display; showing the previously displayed screen just before LCD turned off about 1 sec before showing the correct/current screen.
  • Fixed the issue of taking long time to power off.
  • Fixed the issue of not shuffling all tracks.

H10 UMS Firmware V2.05[]

New Feature[]

  • On-the-fly recorded file deletion
    • To delete a recorded file, press select button after moving to a file on BROWSER mode.
    • Please press <- to exit, press O button to delete the file.
    • Files under Audio, Tuner, Voice folder only can be deleted and files under sub folder can't be deleted.

H10 UMS Firmware V2.04[]

Feature Improvement[]

  • Songs in an album are displayed in track order (requires iriver plus 1.2)

H10 Firmware V2.03[]

Feature Improvement[]

  • FM Recording feature improvement
    • When scheduled recording time is over, FM recording is complete after saving is done properly.
    • When power is ON, after FM scheduled recording and saving is complete, power is still ON.
    • When power is OFF, after FM scheduled recording and saving is complete, power is OFF.
    • In case of FM scheduled recording, after scheduled recording time is over, the recording continues 1~5 seconds more. This is one of attributes of HDD product.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed intermittent system down after power on/off during playback of MP3 files followed by text viewing
  • Fixed display of Goto screen before text screen when select button is entered quickly for text viewing
  • Fixed the issue of not setting default volume to 20 when setting is being reset while radio is being played.

H10 Firmware V2.00[]

New Feature[]

  • Added function to enter radio tuner channel in iriver plus
    • (Please update iriver plus to version

Improved Features[]

  • Fixed wrong title display in shuffle mode.
  • Fixed not to re-record until all data is being recorded when voice recording is completed.
  • Fixed to maintain the previous stage before FM Tuner Recording.
  • Fixed clock error.

Fixed Bugs[]

  • Fixed the issue of not displaying the ending of lyric due to buffer size in some songs.
  • Fixed to record normally in case of manual recording after completion of scheduled FM tuner recording.
  • Fixed volume & EQ change during Play/Pause.
  • Fixed to open unsupported file after opening unsupported file in Browser mode.
  • Fixed system file missing error.

H10 Firmware 1.10[]

New Features[]

  • Scroll Speed Control (Settings > Other Settings > Scroll Speed)
    • This function allows you to adjust the speed at which the track titles are scrolled. You can set it from 1x, 2x or 4x.
  • Pause function
    • Display of playback time is blinking when the track is paused.

Improved Feature[]

  • We have modified the screen so that it displays a clock icon while the device is waiting for the HDD to react .

Bug Fixes[]

  • We have resolved the issue of the device occasionally pausing.
  • We have resolved the issue of the device is pausing when the play button is pressed in the music mode after DB file has been damaged.
  • We have resolved the issue of the device freezing after a removable disk is used to transfer more than 2,000 files and the files are played through the browser then stopped.
  • We have resolved the issue of the clock displaying the wrong time when the user enters the clock setting mode to set the current time.
  • We have resolved the issue of the device playing a wrong file on the list when the user selects a file from the list that is displayed on the browser.
  • We have resolved the problems that were present in random play mode.
  • We have resolved the issue of the device's radio occasionally stopping.
  • We have resolved the issue of the device not turning on or stopping in the middle when the user records radio broadcasts using the prescheduled record function.
  • We have resolved the issue of the device failing to play files that have been recorded while the device was in recording stand-by mode.
  • Other minor bugs have been fixed.