The 1xx series is relatively versatile in terms of modifications.

  • The hard drive can be upgraded to 30Gb in the iHP-120/H120, and to 60Gb in the iHP-140/H140. With some degree of modification, the 20Gb models can be upgraded to 30, 40 or 60 Gigabytes.
  • The battery can be removed and replaced with a higher capacity battery.
  • The LEDs used to indicate hard drive usage and charging status can be replaced, as well as the backlight LEDs.
  • The firmware can be changed by installing Rockbox on your H1xx series DAP. This vastly improves the firmware introducing radio recording, games and more playable music formats. See Here for more info.
    • This also includes changing the display on the H1xx, also known as the WPS to Rockbox users. More information on changing the WPS can be found here.

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