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Want to change your Boot images and USB connect images, etc..? Thanks to Lord Julius over at Mistic River, now you can! LJ has edited his well known H3Mod program to accept H10 firmware...while we haven't but the edited .ROM on the player, it is possible. (this is unsupported and will void your warranty)

From Lord Julius in this thread here:

I patched H3Mod, so it can handle the ROM file you sent, and basically any other decrypted file. There are 12 pictures in that small thing, I attach a bookmark file. How you get the decrypted file that adamti sent me, or how you get it on the H10 is up to you. I don't have an H10 and no information where that file came from, so I can't help you there.

Instructions: - download the patched version:, unzip and copy over an existing H3Mod installation - unzip the bookmark file from this post - Open H3Mod and load the decrypted file; it warns you about the unknown type and shows the beginning of the file: colourful noise - load the bookmark file extracted earlier, and bingo! You can start editing - when done, save as a decrypted file again - do whatever needs to be done to put that thing on your player and hope for the best.

Disclaimer: someone asked somewhere "how does LJ know that the new bookmarks won't damage the player?". The reply is, I don't. Whenever I got new bookmarks, or changed the software, I took a deep breath and tried it out on my own H320. Luckily, only minor damage up to now that could be fixed by using the original firmware again. For the H10, I can't take that risk, so I can't say that modding is verified. Someone else has to step in here and put their precious in danger That said, the actual modding of the file looks quite good to me, if you know the further steps, I'm optimistic.

Another note: the manual bookmark method does not adapt to new firmware releases. Pictures may move and then someone has to provide a new h3x file.

Cheers, LJ

download the h10 .ROM (decrypted by adamti91) here.